04 August 2017

Week 2: Making things

For our Connected this week we have been making booklets, posters, presentations, puppet shows and dioramas about the Maori gods and their domains.  It has been very fun learning more about the Maori myths and choosing some great activities to do.  For our writing, we have been learning about how to make our sentences better by using a conjunction, like "because" to turn them from simple sentences to complex sentences.  We have also been learning how to add details to our sentences by using interesting words to make our writing better.  We have still been doing multiplication for maths and we are getting pretty good at solving multiplication problems by using strategies, like making equal groups, arrays, and repeated addition.

In our Connected classroom, we get to choose different activities during the day

Some girls are painting their dioramas

Rekisha chose to write some information about Ruaumoko and then publish it

Naseri and Danny are using digital technology to visually publish their work using the Popplet app

Abinadab and Saimone are working together to make a poster about Tanemahuta

Melahkai and TJ are working together on kowhaiwhai patterns to use for their publishing

Elijah made a presentation using google slides about the different Maori gods

Jahzel wanted to spend some time using the Maths Slide app to practise her multiplication facts

28 July 2017

Welcome to Term 3

We were happy to get back into class this week and the days went by quickly.  We started working on our new Connected topic: Te Ao Maori - the Maori World.  We started looking at the Maori myths and stories of the gods.  We also started multiplication for maths and it was exciting to be able to use different strategies to solve multiplication problems.  Our first area of P.E. for the term is dance.  We learnt some different dances last term and we are now working in groups to create our own dances.  It is good to be back at school!

Making equal groups to solve multiplication problems

Working together to create a group dance for P.E.

07 July 2017

Week 10: Halfway Through 2017

Well it was another busy week in class and we spent a lot of time doing our end of term evaluations, self-assessments and evaluations.  In between, we got to make and fly our Matariki kites.  We finished the week with our Student Council's Pride Assembly and students received Principal Awards and our teachers' Pride Certificates.  We are looking forward to our holidays and to coming back fresh after a break!

Rylee and Abinadab received the Principal Awards this term

30 June 2017

Week 9: Matariki

This week we have finished off some of the Matariki work that we have been doing.  We had found out what Matariki means, what it is, why it's special, and how it's celebrated.  This week we published our work on posters and they are now in our cloak bay for everyone to enjoy.  We had another busy week in class.  We have finished working on algebra for now and we can find and continue patterns with numbers or other things.  We have been enjoying using our imaginations to write narratives, and we are trying to finish reading The Indian in the Cupboard before the end of term.  Only one week left until holidays, and we will be hard at work doing reflections and evaluations of our learning this term.

Some of our Matariki work in our cloak bay

23 June 2017

Week 8: Rimu Rua's Assembly

We have had a very busy week in class learning how to publish our Connected tasks digitally.  We have been using Slides to create information books about our self-selected topics.  We are very excited about learning how to publish our work in different ways!  We also hosted school assembly on Friday and we enjoyed having the opportunity to be brave and speak up in front of the whole school, to welcome them and share our work.  We can't believe we have only two weeks left of the term before holidays, but we are looking forward to learning about Matariki next week.

Saimone read his book to the class

16 June 2017

Week 7: Cultural Festival

This week we were busy in class preparing for the cultural festival, but we also got lots of reading, writing and maths done.  Some students shared cultural performances with the Rimu Whanau and some shared with the whole school.  We all loved the cultural festival, especially dressing up, watching the performances, and the big shared lunch!  A big thank you to all of the whanau who provided food for us to enjoy on the day.  We got a lot done and had a fantastic week.  Only three weeks left until holidays!

The Tongan dance

Ready for the Parade of Nations

09 June 2017

Week 6: Exploring Cultures

This week we have been learning about different cultures and what they treasure.  Next week is our first Cultural Festival so we are excited about seeing all of the cultures in our school represented.  We learnt about statistics and did some of our own investigations.  We have been reading and writing a lot, in our group work, and in our Connected work too.  It was a short but busy week in the classroom and we finished the week with an assembly where some of our students received certificates for the cross country races.

The boys who received cross country certificates

The girls who received cross country certificates